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2009-03-22 21:23:23 by LonexLore



I made a flash animation for French Class based in the short story by Charles Perault, the Puss in Boots (Le Chat Botté) but I didn't get it in time ^^U lol... so I turned in as a Preview or Trailer...

The concept is pretty different from the original story, too much monochromatic, and annyoing cat sounds. XD.

I'm not sure if I'll finish it, but anyways I'll try if I can

what else what else.....

OH yes.... watch a stupid attempt of nicodouga meme featuring our less realistic fiction vampire, Edward Cullen.....made by me, whoelse....

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Edward Fangirsl don't blame... anyways I do not love Edward Cullen or something because.....
1) I love a real boy
2)Jacob is more realistic ;)


oh yes, this is my Youtube account TonitezDMZ

back to newgrounds ^^

2008-11-29 08:32:15 by LonexLore

Well i decided some time ago while in the process of getting better in Flash
that I'll only submit the best made solo projects that i hope I'll be able to do.
I'm getting very grateful and excited of how much support I recived, and how much
effort I'm giving in to flash and web design...XD

I started Flash back in April, you can judge some ugly stuff I made in my devianart account hahah
off course searching in my scrapbook section ^^ also by watching my flash vids in youtube XD
maybe you can see then If i have evolutionated a little bit ^^