Entry #1

back to newgrounds ^^

2008-11-29 08:32:15 by LonexLore

Well i decided some time ago while in the process of getting better in Flash
that I'll only submit the best made solo projects that i hope I'll be able to do.
I'm getting very grateful and excited of how much support I recived, and how much
effort I'm giving in to flash and web design...XD

I started Flash back in April, you can judge some ugly stuff I made in my devianart account hahah
off course searching in my scrapbook section ^^ also by watching my flash vids in youtube XD
maybe you can see then If i have evolutionated a little bit ^^


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2008-11-29 08:37:28

Looks like we may get another good animator here on Newgrounds :3

LonexLore responds:

heheh ^^ thanks <3 !!!!!


2008-11-29 08:45:11

hey good animation! ;P

LonexLore responds:

thanks! appreciated!


2008-11-29 10:56:02

Hah, nice one making a parody on the bleach intro ^_^
Go practice and get in the top 5! =P

LonexLore responds:

aww hahah thanks, very appreciated, I'll keep on practicing ^^


2008-11-29 12:48:12

Great animation. ^-^ I like it alot.
Oh! and if it's not too much, I'd like to introduce myself. ^-^
The name's SuperSonicDude, or SSD for short. I hope we become great friends. ^-^